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M+S      Last version: FINAL.0   Released: 2002-03-01   

Requirement: 1104   
Developer: -randomnine- randomnine.wootfu.com

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Most possible filenames: ct_final.zip cantunav15_2011.1.zip
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 - Crowbar.
 - Sniper rifle.
 - Machinegun.
 - Mortar. Two fire modes.
 - Sonic tripmines.
 - Complex, highly reactive jetpack.
 - Infinite ammo for all weaponry. No weapon or ammo pickups.
 - Pure deathmatch; fair gameplay, no distractions. 

 Intermediate experimental, eventually cut or 'hidden' features:
 - Bots.
 - Selectable game modes.
 - Class play.
 - Burst mode fire on machinegun.
 - Fourth fire mode on mortar (hell, I can't even remember what it was.)
 - Detpack and remote detonation functions on tripmines.
 - Compatibility with TF and CS maps, including objectives play for DE and simple two-team CTF maps.
 - Energy mode; automatically recharging energy level that powers all weapons and other functions.
 - Simplified, less reactive, populist jetpack.
 - Populist "blam!" sound for lasrifle.
 - Footstep sounds.
 - Jetpack pickup item. I got the message from people selecting "always spawn with jetpack" from the menu.
 - Suit medic; personal health booster.
 - Bugs. Ask anyone who ever played the elusive version 1.4. :p
 - Loads more shit. ^_^ 

 Final version features:
 - Nanoblade melee model, courtesy of Manic's modelling sk1llz.
 - New lasrifle effect and wallpunch code to alter sniper rifle.
 - Lasrifle model from Manic, to fit new lasrifle.
 - New machinegun model - a public domain model by Scarecrow.
 - Teamplay mode option.
 - Minor jetpack automation, and rather better physics.
 - Night vision mode.
 - Player model; a public domain model from NSi, with a few skin edits.
 - Added homing anti-air Stinger missiles.
 - All new HUD art.
 - Super secret hidden embedded arcade game emulator!
 - Five borrowed HLDM maps, by various artists. Thanks for permission, guys. :)
 - Improved effects for explosions, blood, gibs, bullets, and everything.

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