Half-Life was released 25 years, 7 months and 28 days ago.

Here you can download 99% of the modifications ever released for it.

For a full list go to: HL MODS or Last MODS

if you have any questions or if you have found any additional links then leave a comment at guestbook or in Telegram channel.

Last events:

https://hl.loess.ru/v2/ WIP
08 mar 2023: two weeks became five years :D but this site now is updated directly from https://github.com/Loess/hl.loess.ru. v2 will be also on github somehow, still WIP
06 jun 2018: This is last message at this site. Currently i'm working on wikified version. After most of work is complete (in 1-2 weeks), this will be archived and new site will take place. I bet, you 'll like it =). Donate, by the way, the new version gonna require SSD.
30 mar 2018: HLDM server hardware uprgaded, donations needed
05 feb 2017: little buggy edit system errors fixed, use ✎ in mod description to edit, Senses in Decay added, Bdef updated
28 jan 2017: По многочисленным просьбам украинских посетителей, на сайте хостится архив city17.ru от 2011 года, где можно посмотреть обзоры на старые моды. Теперь все линки вместо сity17.ru ведут на /c17archive/. Без помощи уважаемого Qwertyus это было бы невозможно
16 jan 2017: HL Elite added, Residual Life and some other things updated
30 dec 2016: Return The Dark Secret added, Overturn, Poke646 and P646: Vendetta, Prince Of Persia 3D, zxc, Military Duty and some other mods updated
26 dec 2016: Icon of Hell 2016 added, Xash3d, Quake remake and some other mods updated
25 dec 2016: Firefighter, ARON, HR:P updated, Stalkeros, HL: Vodka, MIR, ThreeWave CTF, Area 51 added, and some other mods added and updated
20 dec 2016: DS-Servers: serverinfo loess.ru:27015 classic HL DM server is up for you.
21 sep 2016: Phase Transition, Mystery House, pagoda, Colony 42, Down Time, Onda, HLPBSC, TWHL Tower, under the sun, Shogo: Hydra, Puzzled, Half-Rats: AFD, Half-Rats: P added, some other mods updated
15 aug 2016: Без паники! Downtime из-за сломавшегося сервера (=
03 jan 2016: Military Duty mod and little buggy edit system added. Atomicgamer went pretty dead, links should be re-done
01 nov 2015: Brutal, Bounce, Ant War, RustWorld, Arctic Incident, Arena added
25 sep 2015: back from long absence, there may be interruptions, but stay tuned :D
18 nov 2014: Cotra, FFL2 added
16 nov 2014: CSO, CSN:Z, Gladiator, Hopelessness 2, Unknown HL, Gloom, Boom: AIT added, Headcrab Frenzy (check it!), Tyrian, and some other mods are updated
12 mar 2014: HL Subtitles, Hazard added, XDM, Christmas-Life, C&C Tiberian Dawn, Residual Life, Tyrian and some other mods are updated
18 dec 2013: Volcano, Volcan, Soul Reaper, Polyfighter, Bounty Hunter, Boomenshtein3D added
21 nov 2013: 15 years plus 2 days
31 oct 2013: Sleephorst and Hand Arena added
09 oct 2013: one-way sorting by (name|type|engine|status|maps quantity) added
08 oct 2013: Return Ep 3 by Erik Hagara added
02 oct 2013: Re-Mod, BooM: Strike, Hopelessness, Quake Remake, Alternative Way, Cyber Arena, Bunker, Tyrian, CSDM, Aron, Project Elimination, p_78rus, Paranoia 2, Scramble added, looking for Across Point and Paranoia: Apprehension
17 sep 2013: GTA 5 released
15 jul 2013: BMTT3D and MOSCOW705 added
14 jul 2013: looks like map-sources.cs-mapping.com.ua is dead since apr'2013, as well as deaconstomb.org and Richman's maps. But you can always ask for their content at guestbook =)
13 jul 2013: Project: M.L.P added
26 jun 2013: Challenger Deep 2, Mario Keys, Coach added
26 may 2013: Поскольку gamefront/filefront забанил RU-IP, все их линки проверены и продублированы
24 may 2013: Biohazard, Corridor and ladder, CS:BTE, Jedi vs Sith, Second Chance, Site B, WH40k: Squad Match added
23 apr 2013: Enigmatik, Millennium added, Preludes, Resсue 2, Arrange Mode 7.5 (7.6) links revived
14 apr 2013: added Focalpoint (try this now, you'll be surprised), Gate revamped, IOH lost episode, Underground2, CyberGamer, On The Other Side (thx2 23-Down). As ceskemody.cz is in archive now, some links updated, some videos added
01 mar 2013: added Bomb Squad, Corruption, Fire, Ground Zero (op4), Klabautermann, Mission Impossible, Realms, Silent Dreams, Red Area, check Richman's maps for some cool maps not listed here yet =)
24 feb 2013: added Selfkill, Marine Invasion, VRE, HLDM i, MGTVP, looking for Gargantua mod
23 feb 2013: 7 mods added, you can see them on top of order by time, 2 of them you really should check: Warmode and Black Security
15 feb 2013: They have updated Half-Life on Steam. Changed file storage system, Linux OS support and many bugs added. steamcommunity.com, aimaster.ru
19 nov 2012: Today is the 14th birthday of Half-Life!
08 nov 2012: Base Defense new interesting mod
23 sep 2012: Index Two: Episode One, Death Is Dead, Typical Disaster: the Lost Levels added
06 sep 2012: www.blackmesasource.com
29 jul 2012: E7 Black Star, Rooms, Black Security, Half-Life: History, The Last Survivor, Ep_rst, Oxidum added
19 may 2012: Icon of Hell, Xash3d, Wake up and stay alive added
16 may 2012: database updated a bit
15 may 2012: Diablo III released
14 may 2012: you should play Hazardous Course 2
13 may 2012: modifikace.net is lost. Go hosting.cecak.cz instead
29 feb 2012: Cry of Fear has not met my expectations
22 dec 2011: Cry of Fear release date revealed at MODDB
14 dec 2011: Red Alert Xpansion Demo & Hazardous Materials EP.1 added, check em now at last MODs
21 nov 2011: little searchfield added
19 nov 2011: 13th birthday of GoldSrc
09 jun 2011: you must see this www.youtube.com
06 jun 2011: The_Trap 1.3 is on the finish line: thetrap.ucoz.ru. Check at end of June.
29 may 2011: synced with modifikace.net, added 1000th mod. it was X-Com.
27 may 2011: added a bunch of bots, synced a little with something, new mods added
24 may 2011: added guestbook, synced a little with moddb, pp and czech mods
17 feb 2011: finished sync with MODDB, added 41 "in development" mod, need to separate dead mods to another table, nearly 140 pcs only at MODDB :D
10 feb 2011: started sync with MODDB, it seems to be memorial of dead mods :D
08 feb 2011: syncronized with amphibian.myzen.co.uk - Rooms, Dream, TWHL Cubicles added, need to do something with TWHL competitions
07 feb 2011: Croman's Map Pack added
06 feb 2011: syncronized with developer.valvesoftware.com - Sandpit, Inquisition (The) added
05 feb 2011: syncronized with pcosmos.ca - Tactical Espionage Action, Fate Reversal added
04 feb 2011: syncronized with andrej.mernik.eu - nothing changed
01 feb 2011: TWHL is dying (to be reborn?)
jan 2011: syncronized with planetphillip.com - American Training Facility added
oct 2010: syncronized with city17.ru

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