At the moment of 2023 I am spending ~15$ per month to maintain this site and server, there is no paid ads and no profit.
You can help me by sending hardware and/or any amount of crypto to:
  • BTC 1LoessRu8jps4Quxf7czCDvUSNiNVUSkk1 check
  • ZEC zcd8CUusYxyeKhxFdNdtsRhMHygHErNdDhmBFJVxD253MdmAzGDwaPscaDjSKJb38JEEzwt9RxXULWPF8fxqieCtQtQZxtq
  • ETH 0x57a613Ee9E9F4793B12037409353B9c47155c4e3 check
  • LTC LXVVifcMtUBfSZXXzg8QVFBf44eHCf8zYC check
  • Use bestchange.com if you dont have these
  • RUB https://boosty.to/loess.ru

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