AGHL.RU Russian HLDM gaming/AMXX modding community

The Whole Half-Life
pcosmos.ca first of the most useful link storages
Half-Life Library wiki
sourcemodding.com - nice manuals library
gamer-lab.com - ex hl-lab.ru. good storage for mods
City 17 - dead. It was the best russian reviewing resource, currently hosting /c17archive/ on this site
runthinkshootlive.com (ex Planetphillip.com) - one of the best english reviewing resources, but Phillip spoils original archives filenames and uploads repacks with ads
hlfx.ru/forum - russian developers community
HL Fact files - youtube channel with fun facts
lambda-force - russian community, unique storage
hl-hev.ru - one more russian DM community
hldm.org - one more russian DM community
Ten Four maps - dead. It was one of the best english reviewing resources
halflifecity.narod.ru - russian reviewing resource, mod downloads
DAV levels
HL Creations hosted sites
half-life.ru russian developers forum
Nasha-Life huge russian portal, also has a wiki
Filespace.ru huge storage from huge portal
Fileplanet fundamental storage - dying by now
hosting.cecak.cz/forum-modifikace/hl1/ - one of the best czesh reviewing resources
ceskemody.cz - centralni web o ceskych a slovenskych modifikacich a mapach
hlportal.de - one of the best deutch reviewing and storing resources
Уголок Авантюриста - Scrama's lair
Chainstudios - russian developers community
hl-collection.ru - small russian reviewers community
hl-faction.ru - small russian reviewers community
netday.be - quality maps
Andrej Mernik`s Homepage
valvecommunity.com - was the website directory covering games made by Valve Software. This site was ran by PlanetPhillip. dead
Amphibian MODs dead
editingarchive.com mods/sources/betas/tutors dead storage - check The Archive
halflife.ru dead and useless
gamedesign.net - developers wiki (dead - check The Archive for guides from this)
custom-level.info - dead
Fileshack storage dead by now
Atomic gamer dead storage (aka telefragged.com)
Gamespy hosted sites - dead

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