Soul Reaper


M serverside      Last version: 2.1   Last update: 2000-09-01

Requirement: 1100   
Developer: ToonCop: half-life@inet-pro.com

M serverside
0 maps

Most possible filenames: sr-win32-2.1.exe sr-linux-2.1.tar.gz
9 random effects after player collects x souls: (set x with sv_soullimit:default 3)
*  effect Name: Definition
   ---------    ----------
1. Longevity: 250 health
2. Durability: 250 armor
3. Bounty: Weapons & ammo
4. Cloak: mostly invisible
5. Unholy Armor:immortality
6. Clone: hologram-like figure left in place mimicking player's movements
7. Wings: jump and push forward to fly
8. Perception: see other players health and armor levels
9. Regeneration Gain 2 health and 1 armor every second - Blessing last until you die!

NOTE: #4,5,7,8 are time-based, where as the other effects are immediate.

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