S      Последняя версия: 4.2r   Релиз: 2005-01-01   Посл. обновление: 2011-03-01

Требования: неспецифичны   
Разработчик: MrBozo, rofi

0 maps

Вероятное имя файла: 74_HLSPb_4_2r.rar
A mod is to enable bunnyjumping in single player for making speedruns Features: - removed the jumping speed cap - disabled TriggerSave entities - gauss charge is kept during level transitions - "autorecord" command: starts recording a demo to date-time-map.dem (eg 2004_06_19-16_22_49-c4a1.dem) - "sv_autorecord" variable: if set to 1, it automatically starts recording a demo after loading a savegame, with the name format of the "autorecord" command. If set to anything but 0 and 1, the demo name used is the value. (eg sv_autorecord C4a1run) - [4.1r] ammo counter is no longer resetting when starting a demo record - [4.2r] fixed view not moving when moving mouse very slowly - [4.2r] fixed red highlight in scoretable when playing online - [4.2r] new cvar "sv_autosave": now mod can be used for general SP gaming too (with autosaves)

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