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NameTypeForStatusMod homepageContentReviews
F.F.S. - Fist Full of SteelMYeswww.halflife.net! planethalflife.gamespy.com!orig+ maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
FacilitySYes1 map, new tex
Facility EscapeSYes!1 map, new tex,snd
FailureSYes5 maps
FallbackSYeswww.dragonridge.com!5 maps, new tex
Fallback, Fire, and IceSYeswww.dragonridge.com!15 maps, new tex,snd
Far CrabSYes killermapper.servhome.org!5 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
FaraonSYes4 maps, new tex   
Farmer's Adventure DMMYeswww.0wn3dclan.com!7 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Farscape HLMlooking for this new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Fat ShiftSYesmercysoft.com.ar!2 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Fate ReversalSYesmsdn.duke4.net!10 maps, new tex,mdl,snd
Fathom 2.4SYeswww.urbanafterlife.com!4 maps, new dll,mdl,snd
Field Of ViewMYes0 maps, new dll,mdl,sndhosting.cecak.cz
Fight For LifeSYesdbs.moy.su!6 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Fight For Life 2S standaloneXash3DYesdbs.moy.su! !3 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Final RunSYesotis99.narod.ru!3 maps, new dll
Fire (The)SYeswww.snarkpit.net!1 map
FirearmsMYeswww.firearmsmod.com! www.firearms-source.com!20+ maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
FirebotbotfaYesnew dll
FirefighterSYes! !2+ maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
FireGunsMYesoldrussia.ucoz.ru!10 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Five More Ways to DieSYeshunter.weebitmagic.com!1 map, new snd
Five Ways to DieSYeshunter.weebitmagic.com!1 map
Five Worse Ways To DieSYeshunter.weebitmagic.com!1 map, new dll,tex,snd

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