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NameTypeForStatusMod homepageContentReviews
RACCbotYesracc.bots-united.com!new dll,snd
Radiation Alert: Episode OneSYes! 24 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
RadixSYeswww.unquenque.com!1 map
Ragnarok ArenaM sidescrollYeswww.ragnarokarena.com!22 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Rampage (rampage/002)MYes3 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Rats-ModMYesrats-mod.net!18 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Raven ForceMYes6 maps, new dll,mdl,snd
RBHLSYeswww.rbhl.szm.sk!6 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
RCBot (Rocket Crowbot)botYes rcbot.bots-united.com! botepidemic.no-origin.net!new dll
Re-ModSYes1 map, new dll,mdl,snd
RealBotbotYesrealbot.bots-united.com! realbot.bots-united.com!new dllrealbot.bots-united.com
RealmsSYeswww.snarkpit.net!3 maps, new tex,snd
RealTime-CSMYes15 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Rebellion (Vengeance 2)S+MYesvengeance.altajeux.com! 51 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Recon (Reconnaissance)SYes9 maps
Red AlertMYes6 maps, new tex,snd hosting.cecak.cz forums.commandandconquer.com forums.cncnz.com
Red Area (The)SYeswww.snarkpit.net!1 map, new tex
Red JusticeMYeswww.knitstressinc.net! 8 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd hosting.cecak.cz
Red MarkSYes! blanqui.clan.su!5 maps, new dll,tex
Red MesaSYesredmesa.wz.cz!16 maps, new dll,mdl
Red Mesa 2SYesredmesa.wz.cz!11 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
RED STAR: the Episode 1SYes12 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
Redemption (Absolute Redemption)SYes35 maps, new dll,tex,mdl,snd
ReforceMYes2 maps, new dll,mdl,snd
Reissues (aka Project Quantam Leap 3)SYes 31 maps, new tex,mdl,snd

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